Pvc Fabric Pergola


PVC  sun   protection  pergolas are  supplied as  so-called „slope- style“ variants. Thus, water drainage is  always secured via  the slope and  the waterproof PVC fabric. Driven by  high-performance motors  from  Cherubini or Somfy, the roof can  be  opened up  to 4/5 of the total area.  An  ideal  sun  protection solution for very large   areas (restaurants, hotels,  guest  gardens, service areas).

For our PVC pergolas we use the high-quality and very weather- proof fabrics from Serge Ferrari. These allow a very long service life with a lot of mobility and color stability. With the different types of fabrics, you can choose from completely opaque to slightly translucent variants ...

The   PVC pergola is the perfect solution for large patio canopies. Driven by an industrial motor from Somfy or Turkish brands (up to 70 sqm), the roof can be opened or closed almost completely. The materials used by Serge Ferrari are extremely resilient and weatherproof. The optimal solution for industry, hotels, gastronomy or private customers.


- Weight:                    490 g/m2
- Thickness:               0,43 mm
- Sealing:                   10 000 mm
- Lenght:                    40 lm


- Breaking Resistance       140/140 daN/5 cm
- Tear Resistance              12/12 daN75 cm


M2/NFP 92-507 — B1 / DIN 4102-1 — M2/ 
UNE 23727-90 — Class 2 /UNI 9177-87 — Schwerbrennbar- Q1- Tr1/ONORM A 3800-1— Classe 1/ EN 13773 — Method 1 & 2 NFPA 701 — Class A/ASTM E84 

European Norm        

EN ISO 2286-2 / ISO 811
EN ISO 1421 / DIN 53.363 



- Basic Model without Options (ZIP, Glass ...)
- Watergutter integrated
- Free standing, Wall  mounted, Slope, Curved
- Rolling Roof Fabric


- Special, high quality Aluminium
- Up to 100 kg Snowlasting
- Main profiles up to 2mm / Pillars up to 110x145 mm


- 1 Motor (Somfy or Turkish brand)
- RF Controller (RTS or IO)


- Serge Ferrari


- matt, glazing, texturiert
- All colors in RAL available 

* For further information / catalog about the fabric please contact your dealer!

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